MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

Thinks - Sphinx?

Yes but has anyone tested it lately?
(Or Him. Or Her?)

Well, wouldn’t you get fed up?
You’ve sat there, haunched,
for tens of thousands of years,
all your friends have long ago gone
to that place you could tell tourists about
if they only asked

but no, they take photographs of you
or pay over the odds for them,
make silly rude comments
about your missing nose,

concoct theories about the Pyramids,
eat fast food, Nile style, which goes through fast,
and you’ve waited all that time
for even a half-decent question
which could pass on the wisdom of ages,
hit the Nile on the head,
restore civilisation to its true stature,
questions that didn’t arise
when the pyramids were being built
since they reckoned
they knew the answers

like, how did it all begin? or
have you allowed for the precession of the Poles? or
where do your builders go
on the days they’re not here with you?

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Comments (2)

Only you, my Wise Friend, could think in terms of the Sphinx Thinks, and be able to see the knowledge he holds within, and see his sadness at the fast food parade that passes in front of him daily. Well written, and guaranteed to make us THINK! ! (Yes, I know, we don't do that very often, do we? ? ?)
'that place you could tell tourists about if they only asked' hmmm, where is this place.. and interesting questions at the end, makes one wonder.. i really like this poem, shows up people's tunnel vision hence ignorance shrugs.. thank you for writing/sharing this little piece of egypt, kinda fascinates me that corner of the world.. ~kelly