Third Eye

Poem By Fasika Ayalew

Beyond a façade my two eyes haven’t seen
I needed a third eye to see what is subtle
I needed a third eye to perceive intangibles
The finest pillars, the foundations of being
I needed a third big eye midst my brow
In a middle of desert that can see a rainbow
I needed a third eye with a perspective so wide
That can transcend the frontal façade
I needed a third eye with clear vision
Past glittery front my two eyes haven’t seen
Give me a third big eye midst my brow
I don’t care if I am called character in a fable
Least I will be seeing the abstract subtle
Mind, spirit and soul; the foundations of being

Comments about Third Eye

One's Faith be their 'Third Eye'...the spectrum that takes you beyond normal reason and what the soul and spirit endow us with...Very fine work delivered here, Fasika...Mellifluous structuring....intuiging topic of choice...Well Done, indeed. ~ FjR ~

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