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Third Eye

Groggy eyed newness
Made me want to see
The world
Through a different perspective
That of the one of
But if all I look for is the joy in life
The struggle of pain
Will be more the richer in its
That cut jaggedness into my jadedness
But the road up is too long
Too far
And my feet have been bruised by standing still
Barely breathing
Blood clots anchoring my existence
So I say to hell with
Breaking loose
Become liquefied
And versatile
Opening my soul to the remote inclination
That this is really life
Rebirth of a vision
Understanding of the environment
By realizing I too need a helping hand
To hold onto
When the turbulent cities waves
Envelope our cries
By the sounds that rise
From sewer pipes
Floating sarcasms anachronisms chauvinisms
With a slip of Freud
Mixed with the lights loudness
Flashing bulbs of energy
Electrifying our souls
With the ache of its love
In the nights skyline
In the bag woman’s shuffle
The strangers that bustle
Cabs trains any way
To find peace from the nights heat
Groggy eyed once
Muted over pupils
Dilated by the dictatorship
Of censorship
Banned once
Three times your
Given sight
And sound
Taste the texture found
By the smell of thought
Delight in the mere process
Of putting inclination into reason
And seasoning it
With meaning

by Lyndsey Grant

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