Third Time's The Charm

The fairy tale we all dream about and a never ending sunset,
Here in our minds are the only place where our illusion are met.
In our lives the moment we're living in is the best one so far,
Regrets drive our minds like race cars,
Destined to be somewhere we can only find in our dream.

The control over everything seems to be a common theme,
Inside and outside our beliefs are the same.
Moments will get better and the bad ones have already came.
Even though life is difficult we all living,
Some people wish it's not their time, but the end we're giving.

The knights we imagine aren't the ones that are real.
Hoping for how they makes us feel,
Even though everything we believe,

Caring even though it's painful and it's so much easier to relive.
Hopeful, while knowing the dreams won't come true.
A moment gives me hope to live as long as it's with you.
Rescuing it's what I need from the fairytales,
Just you through allows me to strive through the pain that hales.

by Samantha Morgan

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