Poem Hunter
FK (28 August / St. Thomas University Hospital)


no, it was not very difficult to allow many
other things & thoughts to fill this gaping void
where we once together spent our quiet moments

but these distractions have not my pining assuaged
the withdrawal of not having you here by me
is a feeling gnarling at the pit of my gut

yet I have resolved not to be cast down
keeping constantly before my eyes your promise
dreaming beyond paper planes & stubbed-out crayons

time & space are not sufficient to contain
that part of me that with you experiences & lives
so here i lightly tred amid the peat & the moss

blending what is imagined & what is in fact real
walking toward the lilting songs of languid streams
where hope whittles away this overwhelming subterfuge

i catch a turquoised vision of dancing lights
proferring a glimpse of that thrilling prospect
of faith in your returning home in due season true


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easy to read and comprehend if only there were more like you!