PP (28 May 1990 / Maphumulo at KZN)

Thirst Is In The Heart...

I run the life with full dertemination, all appears magnificent
The life is dertemnined by high ranking is the definition of my personality
When i appear the way is for me, publicity is middle name, i seek attention
i never seem to get satisfied, i have lost the definition of humanity

i run without ceasing, i m forcrd to keep up with the speed of these life
my identity i left on my mothers wombs, change takes place in the blink of eye. today i black tommorow i m green for this life is too speedy

i cant stop running, the accelerator of this vehicle is stucked on the foor
the velocity is too high
oh! i m sweating but what should i do i should keep running because this life wait for no body's rest

the temporalry coolings are always at hand, but it all temporal
when i m on my private place i find myself sweating, my throught is dry
my heart is dry
i have tried every type of drink, every kind of pleasure but the all lead to excessive thirst all this is temporal

now i m drained i have been dehydrated for too long but my surrounding fellows are amazed by the fresh, slim ans sexy body i have. they all long to have such assets i have
i m the role model of fashion to those of my rank and those who desire to be where i m am
i have attempeted so much to hide this thirst
the thirst is in the HEART
it in the veins and arteries of my hearta. the chambers of my heart the run short of blood.....Lord i need you to come and fill these chambers of my heart so that i may heave life again. i thirsty for you. dont allow me to collapse

(08 July 2011)

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