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Thirst Of A Million Words
FK (2nd Feb 1976 / Bhopal)

Thirst Of A Million Words

They rise to life with sundown,
Spreading their wings lazily,
Moving around with grace and beauty,
They drink to the shadows of the night
And kiss the candles alight

Gathering around my chair,
They gossip in hushed tones,
Talking of those before them,
And the ones that would follow,
Each born to my faint desires,

With eyes that question deep,
They beg for a soul pure and sweet
To snuggle into pages and seize time
To play on her lips and be a song
To be clad in gold and turn eternal

Wish they could read my tears
Where anguish and reality crystallize
My pen dead and the ink dry,
They dig their nails in my flesh
And cry all night-their lifetime

I prepare for another dark dawn
As their faces dissolve into the morning
Leaving me with the barren cup of life
The thirst of a million words

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Comments (2)

I gave you a 10, a very beautiful and intense piece of writing, I hope you post more! ~~Elya Thorn~~
The first part of this poem has langour that I gave in to when reading it. Then it grows more intense and sombre. But all of it has rich texture, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Regards, Julia