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Thirsty Soul
YD (1990 / )

Thirsty Soul

Poem By Yiling Ding

It's so easy to hate
the people you love.

It's like sticking your hand out
into the vast sky
when you are barren and arid
Thinking that the raindrops
will drench your hand
with moisturizing care.
You are disappointed when
all you get are a few
Your hand feels drier instead
for the rain has forgotten
to quench you.

The people you love
have the mysterious power
to saturate you.
And so the dried-up creature you are
yearns to be soaked with
their love.
You're usually disappointed.

Sometimes when you share
all the water that you have
They don't realize how
precious that water is to you.
Sometimes when your being
is dying of thirst
They are blind and deaf
to your silent agony.

It's easy to hate those
you need
and expect
the most from.

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Wow! Great poem. Very creative and thought provoking.