Thirteenth Floor

Looking from the thirteenth floor
the gardener flutters like an orange bee
the tractor moves like a giant toy
trees move like dark horses
with manes spread out in the wind
a sparrow flies across the last horizon
I can see the blue blue sky only.

Like an invalid confined to his bed
I watch on and on
All I can see the wind
wind again wind again wind only
then long lasting silence.

Look behind and beyond
before you leap from the
thirteenth floor
into the bluest horizon.

by Daisy Pereira

Comments (3)

If one can see so much beauty in the wind, wind again, wind again, wind only expanse of unending blue, then there is all reason to plunge into it or just be there to witness it. So, pray don't jump - but keep writing. You have great flair, a penchant for haunting imagery. So, here is an insufficient 10, which is all that I am permitted to give.
in the first and 2nd stanzas the subject is ''I'' [= your ''ego''? ]. In the final stanza it's ''YOU''.. [= sort of ''alter ego''? ] I'm asking: is it such a sort of psycological duplicity what you really want to mean?
Look behind and beyond from 13th floor, everything will be imagined for beautiful poem writing like this. Very nice.