DL (28.2.91 / Israel, Tel Aviv)


I don't know why I feel like this,
Maybe it was our one time kiss,
Yet deep down inside I know its is.
Ah, I still dream of that night full of bliss,
Although I feel as if this chance I will miss,
I will keep trying, even if takes me to the abyss,
For how can I want not to have this?

My aching mind still feels betrayed,
It knows the price cannot be paid,
Yet some how I feel not afraid.
I imagine us lying in a perfect glade,
You in my arms under the trees perfect shade,
Dreaming dreams of love that no one can ever invade.

But alas I know this dream will not unfold,
My heart has been far to bold,
To think that your love I can hold.
Again I feel this creeping feeling,
Of truth that cannot be controlled,
A trail of thought I believed has gone old,
That I will never have this.

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