NB (12/25/1975 / Armenia)

This Ain'T No Stinking Lincoln

I am an American,
Through and through,
No new cars for me,
I want to support the economy.

We spend many thousands
To send to Japan, Korea or some other Foreign land.

My money stays right here,
Right at the garage,
Where I park it all day,
I simply can't understand,
Why they don't make the parts
Any longer.

Before the War,
We had it right,
Every brought American,
And that was all right.
Now, I find that parts are being made in Japan.

This problem is simple,
It is easy to solve,
Why doesn't everyone boycott,
Buying new cars.

This will drive down the price,
And will entice the automakers
To bring the process back to the place
Where it ought to be,
Back from Japan, Korea, and Singapore,

Let's do it now,
Before we loose any more classics,
Gone are the Mercurys, Firebirds, and Capri's,

Where are the Lincolns of the past,
Pretty soon they at rest in rust,
The rest of the car companies please heed,
What ever happened to the Nash, the Kaiser and the Dart?

Will we learn a lesson here,
I doubt,
But I have learned a valuable one,

Stick with winner and don't ever sell it,
Transportation is more than movement for me,
It is part of our country!

by Nadalia Bagratuni

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