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This And That
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

This And That

Poem By AHO Speaks

Every thought, image and words related to peace
Inside our mind until the day we die or else we cease.

Life is a gift given to man along with a soul
The gender of power who insists; only he can control.

What is yours is yours and mine is mine
Tho I gave you the fruit; but never the vine.

To the female I gave you the power for one and also others
Custodian of children on earth; with a title of, 'Mothers'.

Time a gift as an earthly loan
The child cannot survive without a family home.

Man's actions have not changed only to blame
Behind the veils of meaning; he hides his shame.

The creator's thought did contain a plan
Distortion, difference and destruction out of the minds; of mostly man.

Man was made of mud and clay
Only she was blest to bring forward tomorrow's future days.

The living creative thought came from God
So also the light of life and earthly sod.

Nature's shades of color in different hues
So also me and so also you.

Personal, possessive pronouns try to do us in
God of theirs, yours, mine and ours; at one time were known as sins.

The creator had a thought and billions of suns
Imagine, to have blest earth, to have their very own one.

Each sense as fuel for human thought
Questions produce answers if that is what is sought.

10-28-05 Aho Speaks

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