This Beautiful Old City Of Warrnambool

In the mostly blue sky just a few clouds of gray
It is indeed a very nice Autumn day
Where the Merri flows into the Pacific near Lady Bay
A mother with her two young children in the shallows splash and play

A weather temperature high for the day of twenty degrees
With a nice freshening coolness in the ocean breeze
Young women in small groups walking the concrete pathway by the sea taking in the evening air
Enjoying the Autumn sunshine the breeze tossing their hair

The warbling songs of the magpies such a joy for to hear
On a beautiful day for the time of year
The parks lush and green after the recent rain
With such pleasant weather how can one complain

For hang gliding and surfing the weather just right
In Warrnambool coastal waters quite a common sight
People who enjoy water sports having some fun
Hang gliding and surfing in the wind and sun

Of such beauty good memories for years do stay
Earthly utopia from here cannot be far away
Where the weather is often sunny and breezy and never too cool
In this beautiful old City of Warrnambool.

by Francis Duggan

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