This Boy

When the feeling stabs my heart,
my stomach curls into a not,

I look at the message and read again,
I can not believe what is said,

I feel the tears fill within my eyes,
but the feelings as it came starts to die,

The word “love” came to much,
it filled the brim of my heart,

It came to someone as special as you,
but you took it for granted and the jealousness grew,

I know the real thing, brilliant and true,
It gave me the passion, that's what true love will do,

My love had burned for you with red,
then you ruined that, and had said your said,

My heart would grow so weak when you looked at me,
but everything that happens is meant to be,

You took all I gave and threw it away,
along with the guilt and the betray,

You tell me to still love, like you would love too,
but you don’t know the grief, and all the things from my view,

I cradle myself as I think about the times,
that we held on to the past, and let it fly by,

You think about the things that you have said to me,
and think about the chaos you’ve caused, and leave it there to be

Don’t tell me that your sorry because the damage is done,
You have had your play, and you have had your fun.

by Paige Thomas

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well done, its nice, keep it up