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This Buzy World
FU (1/23/1979 / Philippines)

This Buzy World

Poem By Francis Utada

Surrounded by things we have to do
Do we have time to be in love
Preoccupied with the struggle to live
Could we find time to see what’s inside

For a mean time I like to stop the clock
Watch the birds that fly so freely
Listen to the melody of them like no worries
Enjoy the sun as it touch the sea to end the day

You are buzy moving place to place
Thinking life is just about surviving
I held your hand without you knowing
Still your moving place to place

Could I make you stay for a second
Watch the birds fly so freely
Listen to their melody so sweet like love
Enjoy the sun’s view while you’re there beside

On my knees I’ll carry your burden
Just look for a moment to see the beauty
For a moment take a deep breathe and relax
Let my love sing around you and into your heart
‘Coz by now you mean so much to me

Help me not to fall to your buzy world
My love might not be noticed and be crushed
Yet I couldn’t stop the gravity by pulling
Now I’m heading over into your heart, falling fast

How could I fall for your sweet smile
Your sweet embrace I long for more
With your eyes that freezes me as you stare
When I know you’re buzy traveling around the world
Yet, still here I am fallen for you with love

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