ACS (December 6 / New York)

This Cake Is Still In The Oven

This cake is off limits
it is my sweet something that i appraised, my piece of artwork
defined by God,
Special Ingredients put in this mold, etched
designed to perfection.
like a wedding cake
made carefully, caved and shaped
till the icing is put on.
sweet colorful flowers just to my liking
makes your mouth water
begging to be tested
but like a good wedding cake, it has to wait
till that day.
highly expensive, if it were not designed to your liking
you would not choose it, no fingerprints on this cake
you wouldn't want it
you need to know that this cake was made especially
by me, for you......
This cake that is still in the oven
it not overbake, it will rise to the occassion.
A fondue layer covers it, perserves it the shell is so pretty
the inner layer fragile, with special flavorings
So let it cool.........down
when it comes out of the oven
let it be primed and proper for the occassion
let the champage be chilled, the candlelites gleaming
maybe a future can be planned
Do you still love me like you said
Am i the kind of woman you want to marry?
Hope you're not indecisive, you said 'anything for me.
I'm gonna hold you to that...
ssshh, lets keep this special.
Remember the fondue, that special icing, the flavoring.
I want you too, but....
don't you want the cake, icing, candlelite, and champagne?

by Adrienne Clark Strachn

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