This Could Be Me

He is everything a woman could ever want
He is everything that she should ever need
But deep within is a turmoil
And she feels her heart slowly bleed
She loves him in a familiar way
And it grows stronger with each passing day
Her mind controls her heart
And she refuses to let herself get carried away
She loves their long conversations
She sits silently and thinks and smiles
Enjoyment from the mental stimulation
Something she has wanted for a while
Someone smart and funny
Someone who is caring and kind
A guy that's kind of crazy
And maintains an open mind
Thinking of the short time she has known him
But how easy he was to get to know
She knows that she really cares for him
But is still terrified to let it show
Letting herself wander through the past in her mind
Remembering how it all went so wrong
There are those days she would rather be blind
But then there is still the sound of a song
Something always left as a reminder
Of how she is still doomed to fail
A signal of the stone forged past
And she remains a prisoner of this emotional jail
She longs to open and let those emotions show
But the thought of being hurt closes the door once more
Finding a kind of refuge again within the sorrow
She likes to watch him carefully as he speaks
And she finds herself smiling as his smile raises his cheeks
She wonders if being hurt again would be so bad
If the pain came after the most fun she ever had
Today she sat and put the words to poetry
And as I look it all over I think that this could be me

by Ciara Owens

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nice poem Ciara, its a tale of love. Nice one!