MQ (August 15,1971 / Fort Worth, TX)

This Creami Bomb

This creamy bomb resides in Arlington
Luvs spkg in verse—intends every pon

Luvs riding a skirt, digs being a flirt
Loves wearing no bra under my T-Shirt
I inser WORDS
Where most use verbs
And it’s usually so good
You’d kick back and smoke herbs
But if that’s not ur stylo curve
Then u might crave a cigarette urge
WORDS so good, My Lawd, they hurt.

This creamy bomb resides in Texas
Can’t resist word play, I have to flex it!
Love the competition—Yes, come and check it
Marinated in the South, I was born to wreck it.
I bet it
Is of the best you’ve known
A Gift this swift, is fragile to own
I kneel and Pray, God teach me to hone
I’ve the mind and the pen…I do it alone.
And so far…it hasn’t been wrong.

This creamy bomb does what she can
To reach the masses of LITERAL fans
I’d bang a drum and beat a can
If that’s the beat u’d understand

But since I know, from your attentions today….
I’m going to stick with the trick of WITTY WORD PLAY.

So what do you say, will you put me on?
I’m the creami bomb from Arlington.

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