Woman And Child Abuse

Is it just because we're defenceless,
or is it because we're young,
that you always use violence against us
Should hat be the way it's done?

Why doesn't anyone do anything
to help keep us alive?
What will just a sorry bring?
It won't spare the goodbyes.

One day it will have to stop
before it causes death
before it causes more tears to drop
before there's no one left.

Can't you just help us
and take the abuse away?
'Cos just imagine life without us
if you killed us yesterday.

If you can hear our voices
and if you can feel our sorrow
we have the right to make choices
we have the right to live tomorrow

So come help us protect
the children of the future
and come help us reject
the childrens' abuser.
AbUsE iS wRoNg!

by Loraine Lotter

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I totally agree with you..you are totally right about it being about slavery and Lincon saving the union.
Of course I'm right, and of course Cavanaugh agrees with me. Wait a minute, Cavanaugh, what are you doing here? *chases her out with a rolled up poetry book*
I think you're right about the slavery thing. Thanks for posting that. I hadn't thought of that but now that you say it you're right.
I think 'the foulest crime in history' is slavery, and that it talks about Lincoln saving the union by despatching slavery.
I feel that Whitman had a lot of respect for Abraham Lincoln and his success in uniting American and that this poem was dedicated to him. I think that the 'foulest crime in history' might mean the Civil War but more likely the assassination of President Lincoln.
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