This Evil, Craggy Hairless Much.

This ivoried wig which fell down amongst my face...
Left it's oilied scars, from left the hefted space.
How now may i weep my mobiled scowl...
Licking dogs of a hellioned clawed cats scratch fevered to my cleft.
Alleaving one so tenderly as if we were never ever wildly kept.
Doves of peace deposited a brownish wholey scowl...
I wipe away the blood left stain of life's own journeyed towel.
Perhaps i may become so now, for when i do deem a well wished
dirty brow.
Cliftoned halls of narrowed waste...
Beyond my wildest taste.
I have to bend my well rend paste, for far the maddening insipid
crowned on down.
This evil craggy ungaged hemp, wretched unto my own slipped touch.
I bequeeth the morrow of my ills...German bred and nay born Dutch.
Lest the neighbor got my breath...Got my penny any, not so death.
Pained to my beating heart as never nevered stayed well closed.
Bridled love does not this rankish hellish day...May the beastialized
heart beat that fathomed beat as slow as wintered wonder.
May the hands of time beat best to my beat so that i may cleave the
learned books of want. Perchanced meeting of the morn' will tag my
body fullened trained not shoddy body. Hence the day of well not fished...
Aboard the hotty knotty. Waves fell acrossed my shores as
branded was that brandy...Tattoo'ed across my chest of hairs-
-My name is an oldest boldest bandy Andy handy.

by Michael Gale

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