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This Feeling Inside Without You Here

Tell me how to stop this pain
It hurts so bad it's driving me insane
I feel lost, I don't know where to go
Everything is tumbling down and my heart stops to flow
Life is tough, Life is unfair
All I want is happiness to love and share
Sometimes I think to myself Why me?
Having this feeling inside is always with me wherever I may be
I miss you dearly
Is the love I have for you is truly sincerely
I wish I had the power to bring you back again
Through these long long years drift by I'm more in pain
You're my angel that shines in the heaven's above
As you're my world who I will always love
Hold me forever tight
Until we meet again upon the golden light
Help me through my journey, help me through my way
I hold all the special memories I have with you to get me through each and everyday
Heaven as got a special angel that has a very loving heart
Love you millions to the moon and back, I will always know you're with me wherever I may start
You're my inspiration, you are my diamond in the sky
I miss you in all that I cry
Forever I will hold you in my heart and know that you are watching over me
In my journey through life I will have the most incredible memory of someone that one day I hope to be.

Miss you now, miss you always R.I P Mum x

By Melissa Patty

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Congratulations for you as Member Poem Of the Day! Hurray! and WOW! Most Beautiful Tribute! . A 10+++++++ for the vote
The emotions and sentiments of a loving daughter flow throughout like a sad tune of a violin, the reader starts to paint a portrait of her mother in his mind, how great was the mother and how loving is the daughter. A very good selection as Members Poem, congrats!
A mum becomes dearer, fonder, nearer and even prettier when she leaves us for ever. We all feel the same as you for the mother. Thanks for sharing the lovely thoughts. Congrats for the well deserved positioning.
I miss my parents too. I don't think I have written about that. You have inspired me to think. Congrats, Melissa.
The poet has constructed the poem with her best inner feelings. I love the rhythm, rhymes and the poem deserves ++++10.
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