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This Feeling Of Being...

My stomach is rumbling
With fork and spoon I am fumbling
While I stare at the diners mingling.

I waft in the smell
Of good food – panipuri,
Pasta, pav bhaji and chicken tandoori.

The waiters go marching about
Serving food to – the couple,
The firangs and to the collegians(who are way too loud)

One, two, three and four….
I need food I can wait no more
Serve me fast cause I'm about to throw cutlery on the floor.

I see a waiter walking towards me
With a plate laden with guilt food
Just the kind I need to lift up my mood.

He turns right, looks at me
Ah! That’s my order
I smile in glee.

Then he walks right past me
To the table at the end
Leaving me anticipating a meal
With my mouth wide open.

I detest such situations and the emotional overplay
One moment you are sure that something is coming to you
Then it changes track abruptly, and goes the other way.

And well, it leaves you with the feeling we all so-hate
This feeling of being so close, yet so far away.

(13 July 2006)

Meanings -

firangs - foreigners
panipuri, pav bhajia and chicken tandoori - Indian dishes.

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Comments (5)

lol...nice poem.just some feelings that i also go thru when i am at the restaurant(very very hungry) and the waiter seems to be serving everybody except me. Very well done. Ashish
Preeti - your words of expression and story are indeed a great treasure to me. Thank you also for your comments re my words in poem it is great that you so understand and I am not on my own. Colleen.
Preeti, great ending to a great poem, I think those feelings apply to soooooo many things we hunger for. And, speaking of food... well done! ! Brian
I understand the frustration in this poem...but now I am absolutely starving! ! Could murder a couple of samosas right now.......ooh Hungry Fran xx
Please: panipuri, Pasta, pav bhaji and chicken tandoori. for two dave