This Girl

How did I get these memories?
This girl is a stranger to me
And yet I see what happened to her
I see her cry and plea

This girl was murdered by a stranger
Her aura covered with fear
She screamed until her remaining breath
And her final tear

I hate to watch what happened to her
But I cannot make it stop
I know she is dead, that is for sure
In my memory I see her drop

And now her thoughts lead me here
To a place that's cold and damp
I look closer, and it is the morgue
Lit by a single lamp

The bodies are all lain out
Each one has been uncovered
She forces me to look at them
Not one is undiscovered

I look with horror at the bodies
Every one has a story to tell
I try not to listen to the silence of the room
I force myself not to yell

This girl has brought me here for a reason
I know this for a fact
I gaze at each lifeless body
At the walls, all torn and cracked

I start to leave this horrid place
But something catches my eye
One single door has yet to be opened
She says look, and to not cry

I slowly walk to the secret door
My fear growing still
The girl tells me not to be afraid
Her wishes I am to fulfill

I grab the handle and pull it open
I look at the girl, not wanting to flee
I understand why she brought me here
For that dead little girl is me

by kendyll brown

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