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This Girl
JB (April 10 1960 / )

This Girl

This Girl In The Dark
Has a beautiful face without a name
And a beautiful smile to hide the pain
This Girl In the Dark
Has cuts up her arm
Loves nothing more then self harm
This Girl in the dark
Doesn’t know how much longer she can keep trying
Everyday she’s slowly dying
This Girl in the Dark
Sits all alone
Wants a place to truly call home
This Girl in the dark
Wants nothing more then to be free
I know this because this Girl is me

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Comments (6)

That's a really good poem, it reminds me of myself
This is so sad but really good as well. and if you keep lookin inside then you find your path and you light
i agree with Cecil Hickman and Tai Chi Italy of what they said about your poem its a good poem but sad to and to tell you one thing keep it up because this one was really good
even though this was sad it is written very very well I can see in your words the pain that you feel.
This poem has good rhythm Julie, and a great deal of honesty too. 10 from Tai wishing you a merry christmas
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