BA (10/13/89 / Maryland)

This Guy

This guy,
i met a few days ago,
from the first time,
i thought of him as mine.
He seems to understand,
seems to know,
seems to care,
and also grow.
I feel safe around him,
and i could never do wrong,
he understands how i feel,
and knows my fears.
In a sense,
it's like he already knows me,
heard things i've been through,
and dealt with.
I could say so much more about this man,
but it seems i can't find the words,
i see 'em in my head,
just can't put them on paper.
It's hard to express how you truly feel,
when you like or love,
a guy like i do,
maybe if my wish comes true,
it'll come earlier to me.
: : end: :

written: 1/1/06

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