This Guy

Poem By Mallory Stephens

this isnt right
i dont understand
this guy
he took my heart and i dont think he realizes it
thers a gaping hole
in my chest
were dating
i still feel so invisible
when im with him
to get over him
its impossible
the pain i feel
when i see him
knowing the disgust
the sin
that ive committed
what a whisper of a lie
how can it be so damaging
i have to tell him
that i dont wanna be with him
i have to tell him
about the other guy
my mr. right
i didnt mean for this to happen
it just did
i guess this makes up for all the time
i cant keep hiding
i cant keep lying
what have i turned into
'Somebody help me tame this animal'
im not myself
i dont think ill ever be the same
i cant let this happen again
it might tear us apart so that were never friends
how am i to tell him about the other guy?
too much pain
and heartahce
im sorry
but i cant be alive anymore
no one appreciates me
they just use me to get back at people
or to get with people
and i cant take it no more
no one feels how i feel
no one thinks how i think
no one knows what i know
no one but god
and hes not here to help me
so ill handle this one myself
im sorry
things have to be this way

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