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You Share More Than Your Woods
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

You Share More Than Your Woods

Poem By Mary Nagy

Choosing to accept things as they are in isolation...
Enhances one's desperation,
To separate in misunderstanding.
When things 'controlled' get out of hand.

It becomes difficult for them to comprehend,
Others more powerful,
Have use misguided power over them.

Choosing to be set in ways,
With lessons taught as lessons to stay.
This stubbornness unresisted decays.
And those who insist,
This self centeredness should persist.
Will discover themselves living deeper in conflict.
As truth and its reality continues to drift away.
Leaving those with values of fading substance...
To become left in darkness.
And feeling much betrayed.

As light shows deceptions they embraced.
More and more they fear!
With no escaping from it near.
Since this has been their lives endeared!
And these standards now fast erasing...
They have kept in place.

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