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This Has Not Been A Part Of My Experience
( / Connecticut)

This Has Not Been A Part Of My Experience

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

You come to me with a desire,
To have me explain...
How best to take each step you make,
On the way to accomplish 'your' dream.

I admire that and I am flattered!

But what I would like to see you do...
Is a stumbling fall as your crawl to your feet.
I want to see you move on from mistakes...
You believe defeat.

I want to see tears in your eyes,
That you alone eventually dry.
I want you 'then' to come to me,
Acknowledging there is an understanding...
You have gained with relief.

Do not come to me,
Expecting a free trip to the beach.
With a relaxing done...
As you observe me showing you,
How to best build 'your' sandcastle.

As you direct what you would like,
From a 'vision' you wish to come alive...
While I sweat producing your fantasy!
Has not been a part of my experience!
And I do not wish now to invite it.

What I've lived to overcome...
From you has been kept unseen.
And if we do lay on the beach...
It will be 'you' applying on my skin,
Any request I have for Sun blocking screen.
That from you to me will be a given,
I hope you feel will be deserved.

You have any other questions?
Or realities you have not faced?
I am here with a wish,
To see you succeed.

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