This Hurts

This hurts.
Your pain and dismissed interest,
In my shown concern to be there...
For you caring as I do.
Without attitude or demands,
I am noticed.

This hurts.
And I listen to hear,
From others to tell it...
How what I feel serves to satisfy,
My selfish desire for attention.

This hurts.
Knowing whatever I do sincere.
And from my heart to give,
That you would believe...
I'm the one who deceives,
When those you find...
Only around to waste time,
Keep their distance with excuses...
Yet can convince you,
I am not worthy of love...
They think from you I get.

This hurts.
And one day,
You will come to know and feel...
Just how much it does.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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The feeling of pain is truly expressed well in this poem..The reader will feel the pain in each line..thanks for sharing this to us....10++++++++++++++