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This 'Hypothetical' Twist
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

This 'Hypothetical' Twist

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

She lied and he knew it.
Instead of admitting this,
She continued to convince...
Others he was crazed,
By persisting to deceive.
And he pursued what was then,
A dream he believed and knew...
Would bring to all benefits.
And this vision he saw close to appear,
Didn't happen for them although very near.

She lied and he knew it!
And knowing this he kept his focus.
Without confronting anyone with excuses.
Or alibis to defend himself with facts.
Since his truth was based upon integrity.
And this she still doesn't have and lacks.
With repeated methods to hide her insecurities...
More exposed than ever before.
And identifying her techniques with a clarity,
Those who had defended her now see to believe.

'What scenerio does this depict?
With this 'hypothetical' twist to it? '

Any scenerio that involves one who lies.
Be it a man or a woman,
With a mind of a child who hides.
Or anyone immature enough who tries,
The telling of lies to defend themselves.

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