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Breathe Eternity
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Breathe Eternity

Poem By Miss Fairytale

How is it,
That the ones who begin conflicts...
Campaign to receive empathy.
With it to have believed,
They were the ones who had been...
This I don't get.

How is it,
That many can be tricked.
Fooled and deceived.
Without it obviously shown,
They are being used.
And it known.
To still claim this to disbelieve.
This I don't get.

People will allow themselves to follow,
Anyone dressed to impress.
To care less who they are.
Later to become upset,
With choices they've made to regret.

Those that are honest.
And direct with truth to speak.
Are left to be disrespected.
To find themselves despised.
For not accepting,
Lies told by others.
And then to become criticized,
By the ones who live...
Their lives in denial.
Using alibis to survive.
This I don't get.
And yet...
Somehow I do.
Since everywhere these days,
More excuse makers are easily made.
As if to volunteer to be mentally abused.

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