'This' I Know To Be True

You can not be a better Lawrence S. Pertillar.
Not better than Lawrence Pertillar, Junior can!
Somehow I know this.
There is something you can do,
Better than Lawrence.
Or anyone else who attempts to prove.
And you can place a bet on this,
At any casino with little risk!

I bet you can have the best life possible.
If you desired it!
And no one has to know,
A thing about you or what your name is!
Who you love or who you choose to screw!
That is up to you.
'This' I know to be true.
And 'if' I can say that...
I know you can too!

Open your mouth and say 'Ahhh'!
Get out of my face.
You've got to have other things to do?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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lolol this is great......