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Poem By Sophia White

No one is going to leave here,
Until a thorough investigation has been conducted.
Since no one wants to admit,
Who had the garage door closed...
Without my permission,
I will hold every in contempt to follow the rules in this home.
Is that clear?
No one want to get to the bottom of this as much as I do.

It has been known for years...
You, and only you,
Open and close the garage door everyday AND weekends.'

I will not listen to your allegations,
Spiced by suspicious whispers heard...
By gossipers in this family.
Anyone who wants to keep the keys to their cars,
Will come forward and tell me what I want to hear.

I did not want to admit this, but...
For the past ten years,
I heard the garage door go up in the morning.
And then come down at night.
I never saw you actually using the remote.'

What about your mother?
How well do we really know her?

'You've got a point, daddy?
Ma has always says you're 'nuts'.
May I keep the keys to the car? '

This investigation has narrowed, already.
Where IS your mother?

'Behind your back making faces, daddy.'

Tell your mother...
I am not in the mood for foreplay.
I am serious about this.
And she and I will have a quiet discussion,
Sometime after midnight.

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