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Deep In The Night
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Deep In The Night

Poem By Sara Teasdale

What are you doing on this block?
There is nothing for us to share.
Not even accidental hellos...
Is going to bring me back 'there'.
Have I been lonely?
I have.
Not for that which we had.
Could have had...
But didn't!

I thought I made it clear,
In two thousand and seven...
It was over and done.
No nonsense ended,
Lingers to begin a web spun!

Have you been following me?
Stalking my happiness?
Is that you calling me and hanging up?
Thinking I'm going to call you back,
To begin fresh mess?

When I said 'One more time'...
Remember when that was said?
You gave me reason,
To end your presence in my head!
There is nothing that's been said,
That needs us to retread.

This is 2008!
And you are no where on or near my plate!
I don't even want to tempt myself with a nibble!
And I do not care how much you have changed,
Your ingredients!
I'm just not appetizing you at all!

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