My Secret

They always say
you're not of the romantic kind!
How could they ever know that when they are all so blind!
How could they ever decide
When they don't know what is barred in my heart
and what is on my mind?

Why can't they understand?
That I'm so romantic just like the tender white dove
When will they unearth my treasure trove? !

Who will relight my flame?
Who will melt this ice that surrounds me that makes me feel ashamed?

I'm Lost.. I'm all at sea
They can't discover these concealed feelings inside me
They can't find the key

But.. I'll endure these hidden sentiments inside me
These pure feelings.. I'll protect
Until someday.. someone
Will behold my secret! !

27 May 2000

by unknown poet

Comments (4)

Every Atwood poem has a line or several that just get under my skin in a good way; here it's 'and, to the right, halfway up/what ought to be a gentle/slope, '. Another example would be from 'Younger Sister Going Swimming' with ' no one comes by in a motorboat' I love how lines such as these play with my mind and my reality.
For a contemporary response to 'This is a photograph of me', check out: http: //
I love Atwood's poetry and prose work. While her original intent in writing 'This Is a Photograph of Me' was perhaps (I haven't read her comments or any other exegesis) to express the suppression and negation of women, reading it just now reminded me that she speaks for everyone—anyone, regardless of gender or age, who has felt negation, who has felt erased by the world, can respond on a gut level to this poem.
In her regular line of feminist writing, Atwood is once again declaring the low importance placed by society on females. The speaker feels suppressed, pushed beneath the surface, not really seen but always there. Never noticed yet always present is the way Atwood describes women’s role in a prominently male society.