! ! This Is A Shouting Poem

This is a SHOUTING poem.
Not a gentle wildflower poem
not a whispering-of-love poem

by Michael Shepherd Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

Loved it, the repetitions really bring your point home. A great one to read aloud.
Michael, I really LIKED THIS POEM. A great children's poem (or for those of us who are maturity-challenged) . -chuck
Exquisite piece. I really, really enjoyed it. Would give it a 20 if I could. Definately a masterpiece as good as anything on P/H and better than most.
This is a very very cross poem...I love it: -)
Love this! Still in a daze from reading the sonnet book by this author, courtesy of a generous soul in merry ole England. Fantastic book, although it IS second to Shakespeare. Recommended reading. H
good one, Michael! definitely a performance piece! cheers!