This Is A Story, Of Storys I Like.

This one gave me a headache.....

This is a story, of storys I like.
This a story, that was quite the sight.

Creeper; Reaper, come deeper into the web.
Where the Killer never bleeds.
Never need for mercy on his knees.
Becase he lives for himself, the only breed.

The Crimson of the Criminal,
He would give in for a little, of most simple prize.
Because It's glory in his eyes.

But the true theifs a lier.
He spins tales that inspire;
A quick way from the kettle, into the fire.

The best is the Drama Queen.
Her Subjects, Her team.
Her chaos she loves it,
As She acts a new scean.

This is a story, of storys I like.
The people I see are a story to write.

by Ron Farmer

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