This Is A Story One Cold Hallowseve

This is a story you wouldn't belive
This is a story one cold hallowseve

There was lovers who bathed in the light.
Soon there was no other, soon was the night.

This was a night with a life for a gift.
Such a sight i'd never forget.

Walking alone THe darkness It came.
then with dark soon came the rain.
Consuming it all. Yet I was the same.

In the darkness a smile shined.
Such a smile was quite the rare find.

I walked and it cried.
It wanted a taste.

But what a pretty a smile
such a pity too waste.

This is a story you wouldn't belive.
I wanted to run I wanted to leave.

Such a night a terrible fright
THen with a flicker there was the light

There was a mirror.
There stood I with a grin ear to ear.

Sadness soon was more then my darnkess.
Saddness was soon a girl found heartless.

I laughed and I laughed.
Until She drew her last breth.
I laughed and then, there was nothing left

but a story you wouldn't belive.
There was a girl was a girl alone one hallowseve.

KInda lost my orignal angle but it seemed ok :)

by Ron Farmer

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