SE (July 19,1991 / Calgary AB)

This Is All Hurting Me

This is all hurting me,
and it also hurts to know that no one can see,
im crying on the outside,
and dying on the in,
am I going to lose or am i going to win? ,
moving away,
even know I want to stay,
is this wrong? ,
its so hard to be strong,
breaking down in the middle of the night,
feeling like nothings right,
scared and sad,
all starting to get bad,
out of control,
this is my roll,
no one understands,
no one holds my hands,
I just want to be held,
my heart has swelled,
i just want to feel safe and protected,
i dont want to be rejected or neglected,
i still love him,
lifes slowing going dim,
i just dont know what to do anymore,
was it right before? ,
I dont know whats right or whats not,
my lifes nothing but one big knot,
that really needs to be untied,
i've tired,
but nothing seems to work,
im going to go berserk,
all i want is for you to all understand,
i think all i just need is my man.

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