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This Is Getting More And More Outrageous
( / Connecticut)

This Is Getting More And More Outrageous

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

'What is the hold up here?
The orchestra is ready.
The chorus members are all in place.
The debaters are going over their notes.
The moderator looks impatient.
And the audience is becoming restless.
What is the delay?
What are we waiting for?
Even the media has begun to ask questions.'

The vendors.

You've got to be kidding me? '

I'm not.
They have decided to go on strike.
And since they are now unionized...
They seek more attention to discuss their needs.


You see...
The debaters have mentioned,
Their focus on free enterprise.
And in a democratic system that supports capitalism,
The vendors feel they have every right to use this night...
To hold up the process of everything.

This is getting more and more outrageous.'

What can I say?
People want their entitlements.
And the social media has made sure,
People are kept abreast of their democratic rights.

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Fabulous! I really enjoyed reading this beautiful poem.Thank you very much.