This Is Her Call Out To You

Poem By Scarlet .....

No one understands her
she is a question without answers
she knows she is so much more than worthless,
but she needs to find her purpose
she wonders what she did to deserve this
this is her call out to you

she fooled everyone around her in to thinking she was so strong
but every night she falls apart
falls apart all alone in the darkness
she is losing all her control
she will soon be trapped in the darkness
she no longer just falls apart at night
but now in the day to
this is her call out to you

she wants to fight
not to be ignored
that is her biggest fear
that she will be alone in this darkness and
ignored for the rest of her life
she cries but people rarely see it
she hide behind her music
she likes it that way
but it won’t last forever
because she doesn’t want to be alone anymore

she knows she is so much more than worthless
but she needs to find te surface
because she is starting to get nervous
all her warning sighs are up
this is her call out to you

she need to find the surface of the darkness
and climb into the light
but she worries
what will happen in the light?
Will she still be alone and ignored?
Will her pain end?
Will she find her purpose?
This is her call out to you

she worries now
what if someone answers her call
how does she answer it
what if they wan to help
for a first and she doesn't know how to let them
she doesn't want to lose this chance
this chance to get out of the darkness

this is her call out to you

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good job i loved it
wery well written, i enjoyed it very much, great job

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