This Is How Human Life Does Work

Birth circumstance, war and drought these three
Among the main causes of extreme poverty
Who would wish to be stateless or homeless or a refugee
In life lady luck she has been kind to me
Millions are hungry, displaced and homeless in the World of today
Yet the misfortune that did befall them not their fault in any way
In a Human World of inequality the social gap growing ever wide
Millions of people poor not through their own fault born without luck on their side
Poor from the day they were born people who battle the odds
Condemned to live in hell for their lifetimes the children of the lesser gods
Compared to them i feel lucky life has been kinder on me
So many doing it far tougher living in dire poverty
Condemned in life to be losers though this they never did choose
This is how human life does work for one to win others must lose.

by Francis Duggan

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