This Is Love,

This is love,
This is love when we Work for Better,
This is love when you see me located as Beauty Image,
Pure and True,
You look at me as a Glory and not a falling,
This is love,
When I write Unfeigned verses to Lace History,
Not near me is the Good Stories,
That I work for the Better of Humanity,
I’m in search of love that I should give back love,
The world’s all Volitional,
Thinking that the Majesty still Working,
This is love that He gave us Life,
Get a life and do good work’s,
Wake up and live,
Preach that Truthful Event,
This is LOVE,
Love that Influence us to see love from the soul,
Ain’t no Hesitating,
In the House of lovely Beautiful Soul’s.

by maxpoet beauty

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