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This Is Me

i could say that i'm sorry
for breaking your heart,
yet my words don't mean a thing,
i'm anything but sorry.
very aware of your sensibility i was,
that didin't stopped me,
when i burned your heart.
It's a true wonder that you remained so naive,
so foolish and so blind,
had you wished to see beyond the lies,
you would've noticed,
that my heart yours never shall be,
it's his, to him it belongs.
that he doesn't love me,
that he rejects me,
that's my own torture,
that's my eternal pain,
how could you have been so blind?
take of the mask,
here i am,
naked i stand,
stripped of all lies,
rid of all pretence.
aww poor baby,
you don't like what you see,
i disgust you,
oh let me be.
i am his,
never yours,
any tenderness comes from evil,
any love is mere attraction,
any sweetness is a lie,
please understand,
i am false,
i am ambigous,
i am of ice,
but most importantly,
i am his,
never yours,
never never yours,
oh poor damned fool,
close your eyes,
deny it all,
you know you want me,
you know you love me,
you know i laugh,
and now you know,
that for him i cry.

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OMG! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I love this love it! wow. The emotion and twist of words awsomelydone kudos to you! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Lylyanna