This Is Me (I'M A Different Person)

This is me. I’m going to stay me. You can talk behind my back and criticize me. You can laugh at me if you want to. You can do anything. I won’t change.

When I go to school, I’m a different person. I take things way too seriously. I pay attention in class and do all my work. I’m there to get straight A’s. That’s it. I don’t care about being funny or fun to be around. I don’t care about being popular. I don’t care about you think of that.
GOALS: Get in. Get straight A’s. Get out.
That’s all…

When I’m with my friends, I’m a different person. There’s no fake laugh because I actually care enough about what they’re saying to try to understand it. I’m comfortable around them. I can let myself be me; crazy, sarcastic, ironic, and slow. And they accept that. That’s why we’re friends.
GOALS: Have fun. Laugh.
That’s all…

When I’m at home, I’m a different person. I hide it all. The tears. The fears. The joy. I just show apathy. Because everyone shows apathy to me.
GOALS: Get in. Shower. Eat. Sleep. Get out.
That’s all…

But when I’m alone, I’m just me. I’m not a different person because no one can see me. I cry when something’s wrong. I dance when everything’s right. I think about school. I laugh at something that happened with my friends. I sit and worry about what going to happen with me and my home. When I’m alone is when I take time to grow… into me… as person. I think about me. My Dreams. My Goals. My Character... My Life.
GOALS: Think. Grow
That’s all…

My life has just begun. Every May 26 I get older. I don’t want to. I don’t want my opportunities to run out. I want to have an eternity at my hands. But I can’t. There’s only one way to do this.
GOALS: Get in. Get straight A’s. Have fun. Sleep. Grow. Get out.
That’s all…

by M.A. Ces

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