This Is Me

Room--so little room--can't move--yet I'm free
Sounds--there's no sounds--nothing--yet I hear
Dark--so dark--yet I see light
can't eat--or drink--yet I taste
No arms--no legs--no body--yet I move
Can't read--or write--yet I know--and understand all there is to know or understand
No head--no mind--yet I think--therefore I am
Know this--know me
Understand this--understand me
For here I am--this is me The Birds of Prey The Birds of Prey are in flight--flying throughout the night
dropping their eggs of mass destruction--on a city under construction
Didn't anyone see that baby on that farm--or did they
Really think that they could hold a baby--a tiny little baby in their nuclear arms

by Abdul-Ali Muhammad

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Very unexpected poem..enjoyed reading it...keep up the good work