This Is My Dream, This Is My Quest

I, as King, I have a dream
A Dream that one day the shiver running down my spine
would be from a wild wind
and not from the cold air of my own home
A Dream that one day I can roam in the wild
as animals have done so freely
my feelings the same as theirs
A Dream that I will trek in the foothills of the Himalayas
walking through the valleys
gazing as a child to the majestic mountains
rising like titans over the crisp, clean, unfettered horizon,
the blue air penetrating every part of me
A Dream that one day I will see the rolling plains of America,
mile after mile of sacred land, land with a story to tell.
A Dream that one day I will sail away from this world,
Looking out across the vast Pacific Ocean
The blue glass giving way to wherever I go, wherever I choose

Barely can I imagine these things
They are too big, too great.
They have always been in my heart
lying dormant all these years, but now awakened.
They are an inheritance I recieved as every man does
I too have a dream
A Dream to be set free
Not from racism, but something else
freedom from oppression
from the inexorable clutches of life
from the inescapable holds of responsibility
from the reigns of self doubt and fear
from the grips of counting time

A Dream always to have before me, an open horizon
not being irresponsible, but having ultimate freedom
this is my dream
this is my quest
what I search for in life, until I find it, is only this.
If I can find this place, or feeling, on this earth, or in this life,
I do not know.
But I will search, what else can I do?
I have given up supressing this.
This is my Dream.
This is my Quest.

by Joshua Van Der Merwe

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