This Is My Hearts Desire

When I see my Savior's Face
I know I have finished the Race
He has saved me by his marvelous Grace
Which has given me a solid Base
I earnestly look to that blessed Day
Where I will be home, finally to Stay
I'll be at my savior's Feet
and have comfort of escaping the great Heat
He has so freely Gave
when I have badly Behaved
Jesus is heaven's greatest Treasure
It's more than the world could offer in Pleasure
When we come to the pearly Gates
We will see many who are our Mates
We will all be One
Just like the Holy One
No more shedding of Tears
Only the beautiful noise of Cheers
Oh, how beautiful it is to walk by the Crystal Sea
and be so FREE
I looked at the jasper Wall
Having no heavy burdens to Haul
No more agony and Pain
Only Joy is what Remains
My friend you can only enter God's holy Place
By God's Amazing Grace
Take now, his Hand
and He will lead you to the Promise Land
It is better than being at the depths of Hell
Where no one can hear you Yell
My friend Please hear my Story
About God's love, mercy and Glory
Take a Look
In God's Holy Book
It is the Bible
For the poor, weak, and Feeble
God is the one to Fear
so please my friend take heed to what you Hear
Don't shed no tear for Me
For I have been Redeemed
Oh, how precious is the Flow
That makes me whiter than Snow
I am SON, For it has been Done
Sin brings forth Death
But it is the Lord who decides your last Breath
This is my Hearts Desire
That God would Kennel in your Soul a Fire.

by Dusty MGL

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