LC (Friday 16th October 1987 / Alexander Hospital, Redditch.)

This Is My Last Goodbye

Who am I?
Please don’t just say my name with a silly grin,
I haven’t got the toughest of skin,
And my life is beginning to feel like a sin.
I thought that in my life I would only need,
One person to be there for me.
But now I look at you,
And you’re not the person that you used to be.
I don’t know how much longer this can last.
I need you to understand,
That I don’t want us to depart,
But if I do it now,
While my heart has enough strength to let others in,
I might not die,
When its time for you to say goodbye,
And when I wake up knowing,
Ill never see you again,
Even though I’ll still think of you,
With every passing day.
It’s taken a lot of time,
For me to say this to your face,
But now when I look up at you,
I realise I’m looking in a mirror,
And just talking to myself again,
Waiting until I’m strong enough to talk to you.

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continue being the wonderful soul you are
Talk and listen to yourself first. You are really worth listening to.