This Is My Philosophy-Alternate Routes

Poem By Havisha Arya

life which is full of-
joys & happiness in it
earns fame in the worldvery hit hit
looks very small
but hide so many treasures in it
Earns something to you, may be a little bit.

Life which always talks about Philosophies,
ne'er do sit idle like living species
As trees do get refresh & renew after a season
Click on the refresh button of your life webpage for any good reason

I know this seems like a speech
but believe me the whole world is like a beach
after every sad moments or tragic events like waves
you only have to find out your way as you do in caves,
caves are not only meant for history
It tells you to drag the opportunities to win the victory

Do not always make requests & appeals,
Challenge the life & show your zeal

Coclusion made by mixing all the philosophies as the fruits in a juice,
Dont get afraid after any failure, choose

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